New Tow Truck Policies in Las Cruces NM

If you’re living in the Las Cruces area then you need to know what policies are in affect regarding the safety of you and your family.

We decided to write this post for anyone who may be in need of a tow service or any sort of auto transportation locally. As time moves forward, more and more regulations are being passed to help create more transparency and safety for the community in Las Cruces.

Here’s 5 things a towing company in New Mexico can not do with your vehicle:

Refuse to release a vehicle – You should think twice about paying upfront for a vehicle that has been impounded. Whether the vehicles was rightfully impounded or not, it does not matter. By law, a towing company must release a vehicle upon request, with or without payment. You will most likely have to pay if the vehicle was rightfully towed, however you can still request for a release and a payment plan 😊

Require cash rather than credit/debit card – Towing companies in Las Cruces must allow customers to pay for their services via credit card, debit card, money order, or an insurance company issued check.

Close at dissimilar or odd hours – Towers must list their hours and a phone number for an on call assistant. It is required that a tow truck company in NM be open from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday, not including holidays. A tow company can not charge fees during “closed” hours.

Count the storage days in strange ways – A proper storage day should be calculated from midnight to the midnight of the next business day. They may not charge storage fees for closed hours.

Blame an employee, previously hired employee, or subcontractor – When a towing company offers services in Las Cruces, and makes a mistake or damages a vehicle, they are held liable no matter which employee, past employee, sub contractor, or affiliate makes the mistake.

Whether you decide to work with us in the transportation of your vehicle, or another towing service provider, we truly hope that you’ve found value in the information that we’ve been able to provide you with.

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